By Nnamdi Egwuonwu, E23 Reporter

After months of difficult classes, frustrating professors and stressful exams, spring break is finally upon us. In mere days, we will be able to go home or party it up in Columbia, and we can drop any and all of our responsibilities relating to school. But before you mentally drop out, there is a couple of things you need to do in order to ensure that you maximize the time you have during spring break. What are they, you ask? Here are the five things you need to accomplish before you head out for spring break.

1. Finish any assignments due during, or directly after spring break

Some professors choose to amplify the stress of their students by assigning work during the break. I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of calling the week a break? Yes, it does, but teachers don’t care, with some believing that assigning work during our week of peace somehow helps us in the long run. So how can you get past this roadblock? By getting all of the work done by March 25. Finish all readings, papers, quizzes and projects by the Friday before spring break. This will be a hard task, as many of us will struggle to stay focused, but it will all be worth it next week, when we’re enjoying a work-less, stress-free spring break.

2. Gather all Netflix and Hulu passwords

The very busy workdays during the school year may have forced you to sacrifice precious hours that normally would have been dedicated to binge-watching “House of Cards” or “Grey’s Anatomy.” Considering all of the free time you will have during the break- if you follow step one- it will be the perfect time to play catchup. So find all of the passwords for your favorite services, and if you don’t have subscriptions, hustle and make it happen. Make use of those week-long free trials. Ask your friends to hook you up with passwords. Call everyone in your contact list until you have found someone willing to generously provide you with their account information. Having access to Netflix is a major key during the break.

3. Plan all the activities your going to do during the break

Sit down, get your agenda and create a schedule for each day of the break. There’s nothing worse than saying you’re going to do a lot, and then going home and doing nothing due to poor planning. To maximize your time, you need to have an idea of where you’re going, who you’re going to see and how much it’s going to cost. Who’s driving? Who’s bringing what? How long is it going to last? These are all questions that must be answered, before you jump in a car or board that plane. Planning takes a lot of time, so don’t fall into the trap of waiting until the first day of break to start. Everyone will be busy, people will constantly cancel on you and you’ll end up alone in your room watching “Game of Thrones” wondering why you have crappy friends.

4. Pig out at the dining halls

As much as you like to say that you hate it, you’re going to miss nasty dining hall food. Whether it’s the always soupy stir fry at Plaza or the tasteless pasta at Late Night, you’re going to crave it at some point during the week. So the day before you leave, dedicate three swipes or hustle some from your friends to binge out at the various dining locations on campus.

5. Turn off all alarms

Shut them all off. The nine alarms you have for your 8 a.m.? Shut them off. The alarm you have for your 12 p.m. nap in the student center? Turn it off. Enjoy the privilege of not having to hear one of your phone’s preset tunes for an entire week. Besides, there’s nothing worse than having an alarm wake you up at 9 a.m. for no reason. Sleep in! You’ve earned it. Now just don’t forget to turn them all back on upon returning to campus.