What To Wear During Thanksgiving Dinner

What To Wear During Thanksgiving Dinner

By Danielle Spanburg, E23 Reporter

Though you may have not put much thought into it yet, you don’t want to find yourself rushing and freaking out on what to wear the day of your very important family dinner. We all have heard the saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” but in this case you can have your turkey and eat it too. Yes that’s right, you can wear a fabulous outfit, eat all the turkey you want, of course mom’s homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, and still look great!

For the ladies out there, we already have enough trouble deciding what to wear on a regular basis, let alone find something to wear to impress the ones we maybe have not seen since last Thanksgiving. Maybe stay away from wearing the tight dress you could wear to a club. Instad, opt for a simple dress with a high neckline, with either short or long sleeves, that flares out in a bold color that resembles fall such as a pumpkin orange or a beautiful red. If you’re not a big color person, just wear a chic black dress and add a statement necklace. If you don’t have many dresses to pick from, wear a cute blouse and tuck it in a flared high wasted skirt.

Of course it’s cold out now, (goodbye 70 degree weather we just had last week) we can’t just prance around in just a dress or a skirt. Put some leggings or tights on underneath with some tall riding boots or your favorite pair of heels and add a cardigan. If you’re not interested in wearing either, you can always go to your favorite pair of pants…meaning leggings! Every girl’s favorite pants to wear! They’re comfy and can be dressed up or dressed down. But in this occasion, put on some leggings with your favorite blouse that longer and flowy. Add some jewelry but remember less is more and maybe add a bold lipstick color in fall hues, such as a burgundy. This look will be classy, and perfectly simple.

As for you men, you’ve always had it pretty easy in life on what to wear. Pick out your favorite long sleeve button up in your closest and pair it with either some nice khaki or black slacks. Depending on your family’s wishes they might want a more casual dinner, put that button up shirt with your nicest pair of jeans and a simple black belt. Solid colors are the best pick in shirts and if you want to dress it up a little bit more, add a tie. You don’t have to wear dress shoes, but nice closed toe shoes will be perfectly fine. Be cleanly groomed and you might possibly be the most handsome man at the table.

With all these flattering choices to pick from on what to wear on such a wonderful day, you will be able to fit all the food you want in your belly and look stunning. Have manners at the table but eat as much as you can! Oh, and don’t drop anything on yourself to ruin those great clothes!