What to Wear This Summer

What to Wear This SummerWhat to Wear This SummerWhat to Wear This SummerWhat to Wear This SummerWhat to Wear This Summer

By: Morgan Partney, E23 Reporter

Summer’s almost here, and you know what that means… new summer wardrobe! If you’re anything like me, one of the best parts about summer is shopping and finding new cute clothes to wear for every adventure you will embark this season. From country concerts, to laying by the pool, or even heading to a your summer classes, there are so many great outfits to wear to feel your best!

First, let’s start with country concert chic. Summer time is the perfect time for country music, and what’s better than hearing it live, with friends, in a super cute outfit?


I personally think dresses are absolutely perfect to wear to concert, especially if it is outdoors! The concert will most likely be brutally hot, so a flowy dress makes things so much cooler. Also, a blue jean vest can almost make any short-dress look country chic. Wear cowboy boots or sandals! Either way you’ll look perfectly country and cute.

Next, let’s take it to the pool!


First, your favorite swimsuit is needed. Next, a big tank top is the perfect cover up. If the tank is big enough, pants aren’t necessary! Don’t forgot flip-flops, sunscreen, or a water bottle for the when the sun makes you extra thirsty!

Don’t let summer classes get you down! Feel better by looking your best, comfortably!


When you’re headed to your summer classes, you want to be relaxed, without looking too lazy. Put on your favorite monogrammed t-shirt, with some comfy Nike shorts! Be sure to wear your favorite strappy sandals to really tie together the look.

After your summer classes are over with, you might want to reward your self with a shopping spree! There’s nothing better than outlet malls in the summer time!


Wear a cute tank top, and some denim shorts! Bring along a matching purse while wearing some adorable sandals as well. Pair it with some fun jewelry to make the whole outfit complete!

Last but not least, what to wear on an ice cream date! Whether it’s with your friends or your boyfriend, going out for ice cream is a fun summer activity, so look stylish while doing it!


Wear a loose fitted tank top and some high-rise shorts! Make sure your shoes match, as well as your purse! You’ll look perfect without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

Whatever the plans are for this summer, looking great are one of the many joys about it! Happy shopping!