By Bethany C. Cates

It’s again the time of year when many are scrambling to pull out their winter coats for the upcoming brutal winter season in Columbia, Missouri. Many students who come from states outside of the North or Midwest may have never experienced a winter like the one that usually occurs in Columbia. Each year, the University of Missouri puts on a Winter Safety Fair to educate all students on how to navigate through the winter season, with this year’s event falling on November 2.

Kelly Gillespie, the event coordinator for the fair, says, “The Winter Safety Fair was created to allow local safety groups and departments the chance to talk and share local resources that are available to students.” The University of Missouri provides a plethora of resources for students that many are not aware of. The Winter Safety Fair provided ice scrapers, hand warmers, car blankets, and safety cards that students can program into their phones in case there is an emergency. Gillespie continued, “Students should attend the fair because it is a great educational event that helps promote safety and creates a sense of belonging for MU students and faculty.”

Additionally, knowing about Tiger Line’s transportation is very crucial to understanding how to navigate in the winter months. Students can download the GoMizzou app to be able to follow the buses and utilize them as needed. It was noted at the fair that as long as the city buses are running, Mizzou Tiger Line buses are running as well. If any other transportation is needed off-campus during the winter months, students can utilize the Go Como App. These are free transportation services supported by the university. 

The Campus Activities Programming Board, also known as Stuff to Do at MU, organized and put on the Winter Safety Fair. To find out more, students can visit MU Engage to stay abreast of all activities and general information going on at Mizzou.

Stay warm, Tigers!

Edited by Ryan Cohen