By Mia Hall, MUTV-23 News reporter

COLUMBIA – The University of Missouri’s Honors College has a new program called Wise & Well. The Honors College website describes it as “an educational counseling program, not a therapeutic or treatment program.” Wise & Well is for students that are part of the Honors College who might need assistance, and strives to help student’s overall health, both mentally and physically.

Students can schedule Wise & Well appointments or “walk in” appointments, through MU Connect. Graduate students that are part of the Counseling Psychology program at Mizzou will be the ones advising students. Some topics that students can talk about, but are not limited to, are mental health, career help, college struggles, stress, etc.

Wise & Well also hosts an array of workshops that students can participate in through Zoom. Workshops that are available are Is it Time to Chat? Let’s Chat! Workshop, Virtual Game Nights, Reconnecting with our Mind & Body through Mindfulness and Yoga, Career Exploration Workshop and Teach Yourself How to Learn Workshop.

Wise & Well is an optional resource that Honors College students might want to take advantage of. For more information, go to the Honors College website.

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