Jacqueline Lemp, E23 Staffer

Women have not always gotten the recognition they deserve when it comes to filmmaking. But over the recent years, the Stephens College has hosted the Citizen Jane Film Festival in Columbia, devoted to female filmmakers. Many people work very hard to put on this festival, with over 20 films screened at Citizen Jane this year, and women directing each and every one of them. One of these films, “Write When You Get Work”, played November 4, 2018, in Columbia, Missouri.

There was not a huge crowd at this viewing of the film. But those who were there seemed to greatly enjoy it. The audience expressed how they loved the characters and the plot.

Ruth and Jonny are the two main characters in the film. They both lead very different lives and their interaction with each other is quite comical. Even during serious situations, the audience still found moments to laugh out loud.

Ruth is an admissions administrator at a private school. Jonny is a small-time swindler. Their lives couldn’t be more different. Throughout the film, these two outsmart and argue with each other. In the end, they find a way to help solve the issues of class and race within the private school.

Most romantic comedies end on a happy note, and this film is no exception. While Ruth and Jonny lead very different lives and personalities, somehow their relationship works out in the end.

These two characters realize that they still do actually love one another after all those years, but the best part about this film is not just that this couple lives happily ever after. What makes it more meaningful is the fact that they found a way to help others, and that is what brought them together.

This film has it all. There are issues of class and race revealed throughout, while humor and romance help lighten the mood and make it an enjoyable film.

The Manhattan vista was beautiful. There were several scenes that utilized great imagery of the city. Even the audio added to this aspect as well. Sounds of the busy city streets and water hitting the shore brought the movie to life.

The clever script writing kept the audience laughing. The dialogue made the characters memorable. Each one had their own personality and way of thinking. Even the characters in the background had their individuality and fit right into the story.

Director Stacey Cochran seemed like a very strong and independent woman. During a Q&A, Cochran discussed the technical and personal aspects behind the film. Cochran and her team filmed this movie in 20 days. Not only is this an extremely short amount of time to film an entire movie, but they did it all on 16mm film.

Cochran said the meaning behind the title was personal to her own life. When she was younger, her dad told her to “write when she gets work,” meaning she should contact her dad once she actually found a job for herself and was making money. Cochran said she was annoyed with her father for saying this at first. Then she realized that it was an important part of what it meant for her to go out into the world and try to figure out where her life was going. This film is meant to reflect the idea that when people are young and out in the world, they are often searching for a path that fits them and for the people that make them happy.

Cochran revealed that she is currently working on a new script. She said her next film is about hockey and will include a fictional NYC team.

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